I'm Celeste Stevenson. I'm a self-taught graphic artist in the Southeast Houston area. My church had a need for a graphic refresh and so, I grabbed my laptop, downloaded Photoshop, and got to work learning what this graphic design world is all about. I am now the Media Coordinator at my local church and run the socials, communications, and Sunday presentation.
My experience ranges from church event graphics to social graphics to Sunday sermon presentations, informational pamphlets, booklets, posters, banners, graphic tees, and more. While my focus is mainly on church and ministry graphics, I've also had the pleasure of creating small business logos, wedding invitations, graphic shirt designs, and more. I look forward to branching out and creating more graphics for businesses, personal brands, and more!
I use mostly Adobe Photoshop for my work, but have some experience with Illustrator as well. And while I use mostly Mac products, I am well-versed with PC products of which I use regularly. I also am experienced with Microsoft products like Word and Powerpoint and Apple's iMovie for small videos and trailers. I am experienced with social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
A few tidbits about me:
I am a wife to my husband Chris whom I have been married to for 11 years. We have two incredible little kids, Ella and Cooper. We are a military family - go Army! My childhood was spent in Argentina where I became bilingual in Spanish and fell in love with the culture, food, and people. I've lived in a few different places over my lifetime, including South Florida and Colorado, but Texas is home and I sure do love it. Some of my hobbies include DIY projects around the house, time spent outdoors with my hands in the dirt or jumping with my kids on the trampoline, evenings spent binging shows with my husband, and I never waste an opportunity to dive deeper into both theology and politics. My creativity doesn't end with the graphic artistry world. Whether it be through hand-painted wall art on any wall in house, with my drill and a few pieces of wood, maybe my Apple pencil and iPad, or with crafts at the table with my daughter, you'll always find me creating something! And you'll probably find a cup or two of coffee nearby, too.
My attention to detail and passion for creativity will help me with your next project and I would love the opportunity to create that with you! Click the contact tab above to send me a message and let's get this project going!
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